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    Solar thermal systems harvest free solar energy to heat your water for various applications from domestic hot water systems and underfloor heating to swimming pool and manufacturing processes.
    We have a vast array of experience integrating solar thermal with air / ground source heat pumps, Biomass and conventional boiler systems.

    How does the system work?

    Solar heated systems collect the sun’s energy through a suitably positioned solar collector. The Solar collector heats a liquid contained within the systems pipe work. This liquid is circulated through the coil or heat exchanger located at the base of a solar hot water cylinder. The solar controller monitors the difference in temperature between the solar collector and the base of the hot water cylinder. When within a predefined range the solar controller switches on the circulation pump. The pump transfers the heated fluid from the collector to the coil in the hot water cylinder. This fluid transfer produces your free water.

    There a three main components that make up the solar thermal hot water system they are:

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    The Solar collector harnesses the sun’s energy to heat your water. Around 1000 KWH per square meter falls on your roof each year.
    Northburn Solar only install collectors which meet the UK BS EN12975 standard for reliability & performance.

    There is no one size fits all with regard to renewable technology.
    We install both flat plate and evacuated tube collectors
    We offer a range of different manufacturers systems and components so that we can tailor make a system that is right for you.

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    The solar cylinder provides storage for the water heated by the Solar Collector and re-heat provided by your boiler. There are various cylinder solutions from vented/unvented multiple coil tanks to thermal stores and heat banks.

    The hot water cylinder is one of the most important parts of the system. These specially designed solar cylinders are taller and thinner than a standard hot water cylinder. The cylinder is double insulated with 50mm of insulation foam to keep your water warmer for longer. This tank alone would improve the efficiency of most standard hot water systems.

    The most common storage method is the twin coil cylinder. The lower coil heats your water from the solar collector. The upper coil is connected to your boiler. The Boiler circuit will re-heat/top up the water on low solar days. Even on low solar days you are saving energy as the solar collector is pre heating your water.

    Thermal stores provide hot water via a mixing valve at high pressure supplied direct from the mains water supply. The Thermal store can be located almost anywhere within the dwelling or business premises and are very poplar with underfloor heating solutions. There is no requirement for an unvented certificate or annual maintenance with these units.

    Another solution is the Heat bank these units like the above can use several energy sources to be combined into one store to provide hot water and central heating. The heat bank can be powered from any combination of energy sources for example gas,oil,electric, heat pumps, wood burners and solar energy systems. These systems provide superior main pressure hot water with central heating and can be supplied with underfloor heating coils.
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    The Solar controller is the brains of the solar system. It switches on the circulation pump to harvest the sun's energy at every opportunity.

    The Solar controller monitors the following data:

  • Manifold temperature on the Solar collector
  • The temperature at the top of the solar cylinder
  • The temperature at the bottom of the solar cylinder
  • The solar hour’s counter, the total time the system spends adding free heat.

  • The Solar Control unit is specifically designed for the running of a solar collector system. It takes control of all of the pumping and temperature settings that are necessary. These temperatures are displayed for you to see and the controller shows when the system is harnessing natural energy.
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