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  • Solar PV-T ( Combined solar photovoltaic and solar thermal panels)

    The Solar Angel PV-T panels are single solar collector which produces electricity, heating and domestic hot water:
    • Hybrid technology which combines, monocrystalline photovoltaics and a high efficiency solar thermal collector.
    • A simple low cost, low maintenance energy solution able to facilitate the government’s zero-carbon strategy.
    • Higher output efficiency at lower temperatures than equivalent monocrystalline PV.
    • Space saving as only one panel is required to produce both heat and electricity.
    • Low maintenance &, unlike biomass, wind turbines or other renewable sources of energy, virtually fit and forget.
    • Providing opportunities to most residential and light commercial low energy buildings to reach zero-carbon.
    Hybrid solar PVT
    A PV-T collector is a combined assembly of a: PV module - for the conversion of electrical energy and a high efficiency flat plate solar collector - for the conversion of thermal energy.
    Photovoltaics (PV) as semiconductors have one drawback: degradation in performance due to temperature. In the UK on a sunny midsummer's day, when one would expect PV to be producing at peak capacity, panel temperatures can reach over 80°C. At this temperature the average PV install will be only working at approximately 75% of its optimum efficiency.
    PV-T regulates panel temperature using a fluid cooling system creating a balanced system trading off between PV efficiency and thermal output. Using this principle it is possible to obtain a higher electrical yield - up to as much as 40% increase in electrical yield compared with the equivalent area of mono-crystalline PV and enough free heat to offset a low energy building’s annual heating requirements.
    PV-T collectors allow you to set up a total solar energy system, for both electric and thermal energy generation. Because of its cooling-effect on the PV module this system has a higher efficiency at a lower cost price than separate similar efficiency PV and Solar Thermal systems. Furthermore savings are achieved on installation costs, with only one installation being required. The PV-T panels become even more efficient when used in combination with a Earth Energy Bank (EEB). All the excess thermal energy produced by the panels during the summer months is deposited and utilised during the winter months.
    The Solar angel is optimised for electrical output correct panel selection will depend on individual project’s requirements.
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    Solar Angel offers high performance renewable energy generation at an affordable price.The panel has a slim profile and looks great but still manages to have a sizeable 250 Wp electrical output and 648 Wpth thermal output.This dual generation panel can be fitted in either a ‘portrait’ or ‘landscape’ configuration and offers two different mounting methods – ‘On-roof’ and ‘Flat-roof’. An 'In-roof' solution has just been developed, contact us for more information.
    The Solar Angel comes with a 10 year manufacturer’s warrantee and guaranteed output of at least 80% after 25 years.
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