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  • Energy Saving Fan Convectors

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    Fan convectors hang on the wall similar to a traditional radiator panel but contain less water and are more energy efficient

    • Ideal for use with traditional boilers and renewable heat sources
    • Excellent heat outputs, even when operating with lower water temperatures
    • Compact in size, due to the large surface area of its heat exchanger
    • Low water content, between 5-10% of the amount used in a traditional radiator with same output
    • Provides a rapid and efficient response to a building’s heating and cooling requirements
    • Suitable for both new build and renovation projects
    • Incorporates innovative, intelligent and easy to use controls
    • Operates almost silently at low speeds

    Panel Radiators

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    Northburn Solar offers installation of traditional radiators systems sized correctly for performance with low temperature heat sources. These systems prove very popular when retrofitting heat pumps to existing buildings.

    We provide our clients with a completely integrated heating system all from the one supplier. 
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