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  • Solar Photovoltaic (Solar Electric, Solar PV)

    Solar photovoltaic (solar PV, solar electric) uses energy from the sun to create electricity to run appliances and lighting. Solar PV requires only daylight, not direct sunlight to generate electricity and so can still generate some power on a cloudy day
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    PV systems produce no greenhouse gases. The system will usually supply a small (1kw to 4kw peak for a typical domestic system) but consistent amount of electricity while the sun is shining. The amount will be at its highest in the summer and at the lowest in the depths of winter.
    Over the year the system could be sized to provide your annual need but most of the output would be in the summer. Electricity accounts for about 15%-20% of the total annual energy needed by a typical house (unless you have an electric heating system).

    FIT Scheme now closed: From April 2010 customers with MCS compliant systems will be eligible for feed in tariffs
    The tariffs fall into two categories:
    You are paid for all the electricity that your system has generated even if you use it in your property. The generation tariff is dependent on the size of the system.
    Sell surplus electricity back to the grid. If your PV system is producing more electricity than you require, the excess can be exported back onto the National Grid using an export meter.

    We offer a range of PV solutions in a choice of mono, polycrystalline and hybrid cells. The range includes on-roof, in-roof, solar tiles and whole roof options.
    On-roof PV is mounted on top of the tiles on the roof using assorted rails and fixings. In-roof PV is built into the roof in place of the tiles themselves offering customers a more aesthetically pleasing alternative. In-roof is ideal for new build and re-roofing applications. We also have a solution that can even use PV as a whole roof.
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    Roof Integrated Photovoltaics are fast becoming a popular and cost effective solution for new build projects and should be considered to maximise the benefit of the free electricity generated. There are various options available including roof integrated PV tiles, which are not only aesthetically pleasing but also act as a replacement to roof tiles and can be easily fitted using our interlocking frame system. Roof Integrated tiles are also perfect for roof replacement schemes and investment now can generate a guaranteed income for the next 25 years.
    Romag RI system has been developed for use on sloping tiled and slate roofs, with one of the highest power densities available on the market, the PV tiles integrate into the roof rather than being mounted on top.
    This unique system combines our experience in producing high quality PV products with a market proven fixing system and can also be used as a 'total roof' solution. It is ideally suited for new builds or re-roofing as it is attached straight to the roof battens and can be used with a wide range of conventional roof tiles.
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