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  • Underfloor Heating

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    Northburn Solar designs, supplies and installs underfloor heating systems for integration into both traditional and renewable heating systems.
    We offer design and installation services for both new build, renovations and extensions alike.

    Underfloor heating works by pumping a controlled flow of warm water from any heat source through plastic tubing embedded in the floor.

    Features and Benefits of Underfloor Heating
    1. Lower running costs & thus more environmentally friendly
    2. More comfortable heat (warm feet, cool head!)
    3. Hygienic, underfloor heating produces less air movement and therefore less dust  circulation than convection heat from radiators
    4. Frees up wall space allowing freedom for interior design
    5. Utilises thermal mass of building to control temperature
    6. Underfloor heating can be installed on a timber first floor
    7. Works good in large open plan living areas!

    Northburn Solar offers underfloor heating and radiators systems including point to point distribution with individual thermostatic room control systems to comply with the latest building regulations.

    We provide our clients with a completely integrated heating system all from the one supplier. 
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